Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Lansdale, PA

Transmission Slipping? Rough Shifting?--Colket Automotive

Keep Your Vehicle In Gear!

The most difficult vehicle component to repair is the transmission. Even do-it-yourselfers will leave the transmission repair to the experts at Colket Automotive in Lansdale, PA. Transmissions are notorious for being misdiagnosed. Avoid a time-consuming and expensive misdiagnosis by trusting your vehicle to our specialists. Often, the performance issue you think is associated with your transmission is actually the result of another component. Many vehicle owners waste time addressing components that are not the actual cause of the problem. Start here at Colket Automotive with an accurate diagnostic service, and we’ll find out the truth for you, every time! Pay attention to your transmission’s performance and act fast. The sooner you let our transmission repair and maintenance experts have a look under the hood, the sooner we can return your vehicle to its original condition. If your transmission is slipping out of gear, has rough shifting, delayed acceleration, or making strange noises, bring it to us asap. We’ll get you back to safe and confident road travel.