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Brake Repair in Lansdale, PA

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We Keep Your Brakes in Peak Condition

Your car’s brakes are probably one of its most-used features, but it’s no surprise — they’re also the most important safety feature. But as with all parts, your brakes will eventually fail or become less effective as they wear down with time and use. If you have problems braking, you should have them fixed by experienced professionals, like our team here at Colket Automotive in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Since 2007, our ASE-certified technicians have performed brake repair services on countless local vehicles. We can replace brake fluid, bleed brake lines, and repair or replace brake pads, drum brakes, rotors, brake pedals, master cylinders, and more. It doesn’t matter what you need — our modern facility is stocked with some of the best parts and equipment available, so we can handle any problems you’re experiencing. When you have brake issues, visit our facility at [location link], and let our team take care of the rest!

When You’re Due for Brake Services

There’s never a good time to have brake troubles, but it’s dangerous to let problems get out of control, so the earlier you can catch them, the better. For example, one of the most common symptoms is hearing a squealing sound whenever you press the brake pedal. This often happens when your brake pads have worn down, and you’re hearing metal on metal, so the pads should be replaced as soon as possible. Another problem is when your vehicle rumbles when you apply the brakes, which is generally caused by rotors that need to be rebalanced. You should also pay attention to how quickly your car brakes once you press the pedal. If there’s any delay, your hydraulic system may have a leak or some other problem. So if you experience any of these symptoms or others (burning smell, car pulling to one side while braking, etc.), get in touch with our team right away.