Auto Service in Lansdale, PA

Keeping You On the Road!

Preventative Maintenance Services

Your vehicle stays two steps ahead of any costly automotive repairs or breakdowns at Colket Automotive in Lansdale, PA. The benefit of quality auto services and maintenance is no secret. Our team maintains a standard of service that exceeds the industry standards. We strive to go above and beyond to meet all of your vehicle’s needs. It’s not rocket science, but our service experts operate with the precision of discipline of scientists. That’s how serious we take your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. The key is consistency and accuracy. We’ll design a maintenance service plan that extends your vehicle’s road-life and enhances all of your driving experiences. Your vehicle’s most important maintenance service is the all-important oil change. With a proper oil change schedule, we’ll help you retain the resale value of your vehicle as well as make your vehicle more efficient. Our team provides timely tune-ups, tire services, fluid services, filter changes, maintenance inspections, diagnostic services, automotive state inspections, and more.