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We treat your vehicle’s inspection like your life depends on it! Because it actually might. When you’re out on the road, your vehicle’s systems need to be fully operational. You don’t want any surprises, and neither does your fellow passengers and motorists. Colket Automotive in Lansdale, PA understands the importance of quality car maintenance and state inspections, beyond the requirements of the state and the DMV. Yes, you will need to make sure your vehicle receives a PA Safety Inspection before getting it registered, but they are also for everyday road travel. Pay attention to your vehicle’s performance and bring it to our service experts if you have questions and concerns. We’ll perform a series of diagnostic tests on your automobile that will find the source of any problem. Then we’ll let you decide if today is the day that you get this automotive issue resolved. Our automotive services will include valuable automotive counsel and guidance about what should be your next step. Our team provides quick but thorough car examinations for all makes and models of vehicles. Make sure your vehicle stays road-ready at all times by trusting it to the expert hands and eyes of our technicians.

Make sure your vehicle’s systems–engine, mechanical, and electrical–are handled with close attention to detail and precision. Your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers is our number one priority. The Lansdale highways are made that much safer by both of us. Because you trust your vehicle’s automotive service with the qualified team at Colket Automotive, we can all breathe a little easier. PA Safety Inspections are mandatory annual events that all responsible vehicle owners need to receive. Many vehicle owners believe that it does not matter where they choose to receive their state vehicle inspection service. We’re here to let owners know that it does matter! We have an entire team of service experts that aren’t just going through the motions to get you back on the road. Your safety is more important than anything, and we keep your safety at the top of our list of priorities year round. We’ll keep your vehicle road-ready, registration-ready, and harmful toxin-free. But we also want our car inspection services to help address any performance issues or concerns that you may have.

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Our team of qualified technicians are ready and waiting for your phone call or your arrival. We use the industry’s most advanced tools and equipment to make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition. Bring your vehicle to Colket Automotive to make sure your road travel will be as safe as possible. Protect your community from harmful toxins from vehicle emissions by letting our techs provide an accurate diagnosis and repair service. The State of Pennsylvania is counting on both of us to keep our air free of smog from pollution. Get the job done right by starting with your phone call to 215-393-5970 to schedule your car inspection. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. The next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by for your auto repair service! We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle

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Emissions Testing

The emissions inspection program was developed by the Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency with input from the public and various representatives of the auto industry. Tailored to meet Pennsylvania’s specific air quality improvement needs, the program focuses on motorist convenience and choice. If required for your vehicle, the emissions test is due once a year at the same time or before your annual inspection.

We offer emissions testing and repair for all vehicles requiring a test. We also employee an Emissions Repair Technician that is recognized by the state and is certified to perform emissions diagnostics and repairs.

What Emission Test Will Your Vehicle Require?

Ehanced Vehicle Safety Inspections

As of January 1, 2007, only those specific safety stations appointed and under contract with PennDot as an Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection Station may inspect reconstructed, flood, specially constructed, recovered theft, collectible, modified vehicles and street rods for compliance with all applicable equipment and inspection rules for the purpose of titling the vehicle in Pennsylvania.

Trailer Inspections

Who Must Get Inspected

Any trailer with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) over 3000 Lbs.
Anyone operating a motor vehicle on public roads, and who is a resident of the state of PA, must get a yearly inspection.

What are the inspection criteria for recreational and utility trailers?

Safety inspections for recreational, semi- and utility trailers require that the following items be checked: suspension components, braking systems, tires and wheels, lighting and electrical systems, glazing, the body, and chassis.
For a complete list of the rejection criteria for recreational, semi- and utility trailers, please reference Section 175.130 of Subchapter G of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations.