Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

What Your Mom Never Told You Aout Car Care During a Pandemic

Who would have thought the year 2020 would bring a pandemic that would have so many people stuck at home for an extended time? Even moms didn’t know that face masks would be the new hanging decor on rearview mirrors. And they certainly wouldn’t have guessed that toilet paper and disinfecting wipes would become almost as valuable as gold? It just goes to show how unpredictable life can be. And because one never knows what the future holds, it’s best to always prepare for anything. One major investment that should not be neglected is your trusted automobile. In uncertain times, alwasy know what to do when it comes to car cleanliness and maintenance.

Always be One Step Ahead

One thing moms have always stressed is, if you put things away as soon as you’re finished with them, clean-up will be a breeze. The same is true when it comes to your car. If you throw away your trash at the end of each trip, you won’t invite foul odors, bugs, and mold. Regularly wiping down the inside will keep dust and germs at bay. When your vehicle is clean, it makes it easier to deal with when having to disinfect during flu season and the new and unwelcome days of COVID-19. The less you have in your car, the less you need to sanitize. When you do sanitize inside surfaces, including the upholstery, open the windows and wipe everything down with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Washing with soap and water is also an option, but you’ll need to use a bit more elbow grease if you choose this method. You don’t need to do this every day, but if you do go out and load up with essentials, you’ll want to disinfect it afterward.

When Sanitizing Isn’t a Concern

If you were not getting out and about while COVID restrictions were in place, you don’t need to concern yourself as much about sanitizing your vehicle. You do, however, need to tend to your vehicle by waking it up and taking it for an occassional spin. When a vehicle isn’t driven for more than a week, the battery will start to lose power, and the internal parts that are typically lubricated when the engine is alive will start to dry up. Just as our bodies need to move around, so they don’t get fat and stiff, cars need to move around to function properly. Also, be sure to keep your gas tank full and use a fuel stabilizer if you know you won’t be getting out anytime soon. As with most life experiences, a little really can go a long way.

For more tips on how to clean and maintain your vehicle in unpreditable times, contact the professional automotive technicians at Colket Auotmotive in Lansdale.

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